I created this website in the 3rd person (“Stephen Robert Cass is author of 5 books …”), except this page is in the first person. I wanted you to know it’s sincerely important for me to make you successful.

You: Seek the right keynote presenter who’ll speak to your staff, volunteers, or songwriting group about the unique challenges in worship, how to serve the Body in these roles, and the wonderful opportunities to grow as individuals.

You want …

  • Someone who has been in these roles. I’ve been paid staff or in volunteer leadership for 8 churches.
  • A person who’ll relate with your audience and inspire about songwriting, worship team dynamics, and running the sound board. I have been playing, singing, leading, mixing and a worship team member for over 50 years.
  • Someone to make them laugh. Make them think. One who can motivate and activate. I guess I have to prove that in person!
  • A person that understands the real-world challenges and constraints of operating a church.

Me: YES! I want to be whom you seek.

Every aspect of my message is centered around the heart of worship: the pursuit of God’s heart through Jesus, and the pursuit of life to the full because of the full-time help of the Holy Spirit. This guides my ministry.

I want to the best fit for your event or meeting, and I plan deliver the most effective keynote presentation — tailored to the needs of your group.

Trained as a copywriter, electronic engineer, and technical writer, I’m obsessed with making complex subjects simple to understand and interesting.

I want your audience to have fun, because I don’t believe education and fun are mutually exclusive.

The best keynote speaker testimonial I ever got was from my wife, who said (after listening to my speech): “I thought I’d be bored, but instead I’m motivated to learn congregational songwriting!”

Your audience is probably more ready to hear my message than my wife. So there’s that.

My default talk will be centered around the small-church congregational songwriting revolution and my upcoming Songs4God.net Worship Songwriting Academy.

But I can tailor my talk towards congregational songwriting, worship team values, running the sound board or recording and mixing demos, Christian songwriter royalties, or copyright law and the church. Or all of it. You let me know.

I want to help you fill seats. I want to know how I can help you do that. To get ideas, visit my Press Kit page and download the materials.

And know that at all live events, I want to offer you bulk sales of my books in advance, so every attendee can get a steep discount — or free copies, whether digital or physical. This means a lot to me, and can grow the attendance, and save you cash on my fee. Let me know. You win, they win, I win.

If this feels a little like a personal ad, that’s intentional: I want to be a partner in making your event the best possible. Period. I deeply care about your success as the organizer, and the success of your church, group, or company.

Sound good? Let’s talk.
You can contact me directly here.


I would love to join you on your podcast, whether that’s in-person or recorded. Please visit the Press Kit page for research, pictures, and promotion materials, and download a sample interview question sheet here. Then contact me here to set up a time.

Thank you!